If you’re listing your property on Airbnb in Maine, you know that there’s a lot more to succeeding (and maintaining sanity!) than writing up a nice guide, making sure the house is clean, and the wifi password is easily located.

Even if you have all of those boxes checked, it’s easy to miss a booking due to a late response on an inquiry or accidentally running out of important household items. You do NOT want to be the Maine Airbnb that gets roasted online for running out of toilet paper! Or worst of all a double-booking!

River Valley Property Management takes the pain, stress, and worry off of your shoulders with an easy, automated, and professional process backed up by decades in property management. We’ll make sure that the beautiful home you’re renting on Airbnb receives great reviews, provides you with a great passive income stream, and peace of mind. You and your property will have 24/7 local care to keep your compliant with local regulation changes, guest arrivals, and rigorous inspections. 

Communicating with guests, cleaning between each rental, meeting, and greeting guests who often arrive late… renting during the holiday season is certainly more profitable (two to three times the amount) but is also more time-consuming! The added value of an Airbnb management service is that it organizes the entire rental management process.

If you’re looking for a Maine property management partner that will make sure your Airbnb is safe, secure, and stocked with what your Maine Airbnb clients are seeking, contact River Valley Property Management today!

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Monthly Property Management – 175.00 monthly paid per year.

 + 65. per month to run/manage Air BNB / VRBO.

Additional Services: ( based per # of beds and size)

Cleanings / Turnovers

(cleanings are covered by renters)

Lawn Care / Snow Removal

24 hour emergency services

Air BNB Property Management:

  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, and improvements of the rental units.
  • Inspect grounds, facilities, and equipment routinely to determine the necessity of repairs or maintenance.
  • Perform general building and apartment inspections annually, per Maine State Law.
  • Provide inspection reports to the Property Owner.
  • Act as liaison between guest and owners.
  • Market vacant units to prospective guest through multiple advertising website platforms. ( Airbnb VRBO )
  • Process telephone inquiries, online calendars, inquires.
  • Prepare final dispositions of security deposits.
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance requests.
  • Expert advice when evaluating the property for increased profitability.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services that NO ONE else can offer to you!
  • Full Cleaning Crew.